Book Review — Worth the Fall by Claudia Connor

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Note: This is only going to be a short review as I read it while I was struggling with morning sickness in bed over a month ago. 


I really LOVED this book!! It was sweet, sexy, easy read and really just everything I was looking for at the time.

Matt is a wonderful Navy SEAL hero, dripping with sex appeal and an all round really sweet guy. From the very beginning of the story I fell for him and his gentle nature. He isn’t your typical ‘guy’. There is no messing around or mixed feelings with him. We are very aware of the extent to which he falls for Abby (and her 4 children) and it’s quite gorgeous to see. Their chemistry is strong from the very beginning and I just couldn’t wait to see where the story lead.

“You two almost started a fire, and that’s not an easy thing to do in the middle of a water park.”

This was a really sweet romance. Abby is a single mother with four children and one on the way, so she is in no way looking for romance. She meets Matt on holiday with her children and they quickly start up a friendship. A week together was all it took for Matt and Abby to fall for one another and it happens in the most gorgeous way possible. Matt not only falls for Abby, but absolutely adores her children.

“How did you put into words the moment you found your heart?”

This is a lovely standalone romance with a happy ending. It’s the first book in the McKinney Brothers Series and each book is based on another McKinney brother. Book #2 Worth The Risk is available for pre-order now with a release date of Feb 3, 2015.

4.5 Stars

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