BOOK REVIEW: With This Heart by R.S Grey

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Let me take a moment to come down from this incredible high I am feeling right now.

I stumbled across this book while I was procrastinating yesterday – yes, I do that a lot these days. I saw that it was a new release, loved the cover and I had never heard of R.S Grey so I was interested. You know that saying don’t judge a book by its cover? Well I did exactly that. I judged it. I told myself “this book looks amazing” and so I one-clicked (yep, without reading one review) and then emailed Rachel to tell her that I had picked it up, that I was looking forward to reading it and then that was that. A few hours later, I thought I would read the first chapter to get a feel of it as I hadn’t read any reviews, and boy was that the best mistake I ever made.


Abby Mae McAllister is a young girl who has been given an incredibly rare second chance at life and because of this chance, Abby’s character became someone who I loved instantly. Abby’s best friend, Caroline is really sick but their relationship was so inspiring. Caroline’s friendship encourages Abby to take the necessary baby steps in her life that she needs to make in order to start living her life. Caroline is incredibly supportive of Abby, and for her to be like that at a that time in her own life is truly inspiring and what I believe friendships are really all about. I loved Caroline’s character so much. Her complete selflessness and ability to be strong, loving and encouraging towards Abby is something we could all learn from.

Abby was getting her life back one day at a time and had no intention of falling in love. She was on a mission. She had a secret road trip planned that she knew would change her life but then Beckham walked into her world and turned it completely upside down in the most amazing way possible.

Beck worked his way into her life, and into her road trip plans and the two of them set off on a journey neither of them knew would end the way it did. Their first meeting was unique, and funny made me feel all kinds of giddy. Beck is hot, stubborn and oh so sexy and he has his sights set on Abby and in true romantic fashion, doesn’t give up until he gets what he wants. sigh

I really hate giving away plot points. My reviews rarely go into too much detail about the book because frankly, I love the idea of going into stories blind. This was another one I am so grateful I didn’t look into too much. I did see the 28 5 stars reviews but I didn’t read them. I read the synopsis and that was it. Thank god. So regarding the storyline, that’s is all you will be getting from me.

R.S Grey, I love you. That’s not weird right? For someone to write a story like this, it takes incredible talent. It felt real to the point that I had to ask her if any of it was actually true and not all fiction. I felt this story from the inside out and one thing that draws me to books every single day is the emotion that they bring out of me. I love feeling what the characters are feeling and R.S writes in a way that made me feel like I was right there with Abby and Beck, living the journey long with them.

The story is written in Abby’s POV with a chapter at the end from Beck’s. I had to stop myself reading a few times to just appreciate what was in front of me. Most stories I read are written well, and I feel as though the author is telling the story to me, but R.S writes in a way that I felt like Abby and I were sitting in a coffee shop and she was retelling the entire story to me, like we were BFFs and she just got back from a holiday with the hottest guy on the planet and she had to tell me everything and all the details, and I loved that!

Both Abby and Beck’s characters were amazing, I fell hard for the both of them. Their chemistry was hot from the very beginning. I was glued to my kindle until I really had to go to bed, and then I couldn’t sleep so I got up and read a little more. This was that kinda book. It was on my mind, every single minute. I was thinking about them when I wasn’t reading. I wanted more! I needed more of these two and now that it’s over, I’m feeling the effects of a serious book hang over. I miss them!!! <3

You really have to read this book. It has everything that I love about a romance and I’m just so happy that I stumbled across it. It was fate I tell you!

This story never dulls, it completely captivated me from start to finish but most importantly, it felt real. R.S Grey has written a beautiful story filled with fun, emotion, friendship and the best kind of love.


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