BOOK REVIEW: The Brave Line by Kate Stewart

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Holy feeeeeeeeels. Wow. Just wowI can’t even begin to describe to you all the emotions this book gave me. It was hot. It was sexy. It was oh. so. adorbale. And it was so funny! But the incredible feels in this book took me to another world. My heart was racing, my stomach was fluttering and I was hanging onto every single world this author had to say. It was raw, honest, beautiful, heartbreaking and so wonderful. A truely unforgettable story. A top favourite for sure!

Also, he was fu— hot. I mean like Christian Grey, I’ll gladly take my panties off in a crowded restaurant to get fondled in an elevator full of people hot. 

There comes a time in a blogger’s reading life when a book takes you by the most incredible surprise. You flick through the first few pages to see how it feels, and to find out if it’s going to be that book for you this time around. This story is about a girl named Michelle who moves cities after fleeing an abusive marriage. She find herself in the town of Charlestown where her best friend lives. She has thrown herself into her work as a dispatcher and lives a very simple life.

Rowdy is a cop who has lost a lot in his life. In particularly, his best mate. He was shot in their line of work and Rowdy hasn’t truely recover from that. Their ‘relationship’ begins as a no-stings type of scenario, but they quickly find themselves in waaaay over their heads. Their chemistry is incredible, even from their first meeting (note that their first meeting in the book comes a whole year after their actual first meeting – so they have known one another a while). I could literally feel it radiating off the pages. It had my heart racing from the first chapter and it was amazing!!! But it was also sooo funny!

“I don’t care how many women you’ve taken here.”
“That many?”
“I like the part where you didn’t care.”
“I was just curious.”
“Stay curious.”
“You really are an asshole.”

As they tried to navigate their way through their feelings, trying not to make it any more than just a ‘fling’, Rowdy and Michelle found themselves battling crazy emotions. Working as a police officer comes with great danger, and in this book, I really felt how a partner of an officer of the law would feel every time their other half went off to their job. This added to the feels. The worry, the stress, the anxiety. I felt it all.

“Yeah?” More light seeped through the window as he pulled the blanket over the both of us and turned his head to face me. We were a breath away. “Are you going to worry about me tonight?”

I could honestly go on about this book forever. I could tell you all the amazing lines and all the incredible scenes that had be pretty much neglecting my entire family for two days. I literally cancelled all plans just so I could read this book. I was hooked and I was falling head over heals in love with these characters. They were honestly so refreshing. Both of them. I can honestly say that this will be one of the best books I will read this year. I am completely sure of it. So if you only read a few books this year, please make this one one of them.

I highly recommend this story to anyone looking for a book with all the feels, yet incredibly steamy from the very first chapter.

I would let love rule in my heart and take a piece of my soul, but I would never let its loss destroy all of me.

5 stars

Buy THE BRAVE LINE (kindle)
Buy THE BRAVE LINE (paperback)

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