BOOK REVIEW – The Thief by Kate McCarthy

The cover of The Thief has been changed to fit the overall feel of the book. I think I love this one better!!

“Babe. Your beauty isn’t in how you look. It’s in how you stood outside of Fix that night where I met you. You turned to look at me with lust in your eyes, which at the time I thought was for me but it was really for Romero’s Charger.”

I always feel this amazing sense of excitement when starting a new book from a favourite author. Especially when it’s a brand new series. Getting to know new characters, falling in love all over again. It’s why we read, right? And finding two characters that not only connect with each other, but connect with me is a huge deal. So when I had read the first few chapters of The Thief  by Kate McCarthy and found myself lost in a world I never wanted to escape, I knew I had stepped into a love affair with two new characters that would last an eternity.

“There’s an ease to being with Ace I’ve never had before. A friendship that makes me relaxed enough to be myself, but also pushes my emotional boundaries to breaking point. It’s intense.”

There is no denying the immense talent that drips off the fingers of Kate McCarthy and into our hands. Her words captivate. They tear emotions from me that is difficult to do while reading a book. I relate, I commiserate, I laugh and I love. Hard. Her stories are a brilliant masterplan to suck you in deep and spit you out at the end feeling like you’ve lived a thousand lives in one sitting. And you go back for more every. single. time.

“I wait for Ace to drop the gear and punch the accelerator. That’s how a boost works. You get in and you drive that car like death is on your tail. Except she doesn’t. She drives the stolen black Porsche 911 GT3 out of the restaurant parking lot like Driving Miss Daisy is the movie she learned all her skills from.”

The Thief is an action packed romantic suspense with an incredibly deep love story that will leave you breathless. It builds in the most beautiful way. You will laugh and you may cry, but you will definitely feel. I fell in love with Kelly and Ace and the way they grew to accept and love each other and all their flaws. This story ended up being so much more than what I was expecting after reading the blurb. Every word had me. Every emotion surprised me. Every page I turned captivated me. I just couldn’t stand the thought of letting these characters go, yet pulling myself from the pages proved impossible.

“You’re impossible.”
“And you’re beautiful.”

This story is a hell of a lot more than just a girl stealing cars and falling in love. Although, that part of the story was so epic. Each boost is so well crafted, it’s as if I could see it happening before my eyes. But it’s two people fighting to protect the ones they love. Taking the risks necessary to keep their family and friends out of the mess they got themselves in. It’s a story about smashing down those walls and letting the one person in who could quite possibly destroy you, but be the only thing that pulls you back from the deep end. It’s a book that you should definitely take a chance on but just remember to hold on because this story is a wild, sizzling ride you will never forget!

5 stars
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