Book Review β€” The End Game by Kate McCarthy


Oh, I absolutely looooooved this book!!!!!*swoon* worthy hero alert!! πŸ™‚

This is a college football romance like no other. The End Game brought out more emotion than any other sports romance I have ever read. It goes deeper than the dramas of college students on campus. It’s raw, it’s emotional, it’s heart-wrenching but it’s also very funny and sweet. It touches on a topic I (personally) have never read about before and to be inside the heads of characters while they try and deal with the pressures of their personal lives, school, stardom and success in their fields was a wonderful ride, and Kate McCarthy nailed every part of it.

“…that’s what happens when your need to be the best eclipses all else. Sacrifices are made, and those you love are always the first to suffer.”

Kate writes in a dual POV, but we begin with Jordan Elliott, who has made the huge move from Australia to Texas, USA to take on a soccer scholarship for her senior year. Her hopes and dreams of becoming an international soccer player are right at her finger tips. All she needs to do is put her head down, work and train hard and be selected in the Australian team for the upcoming World Cup Championship. And as if Jordan didn’t have enough on her plate, she is asked by her professor if she could help a struggling student in her not-so-free time.

Brody Madden is a rising football star hero. A ‘god’ to many. Invincible. But Brody is battling with the pressures of school, his controlling and unforgiving father with a public image that needs to be kept perfect, and the whole of Texas wanting nothing more than for him to be the very best… But how far will he go to make everyone happy? Will his relationship with Jordan be something that will bring him the happiness he deserves or the reason he loses it all?

“All I’ve ever wanted is to be the best. Whatever it takes. I’ll do anything. That’s how I’ll ruin us, Jordan. How can something so sweet survive a sentiment so dark?”


Jordan is one of my favourite heroines. She’s caring, loyal and unbelievably sweet but also showed a witty side that meant for some really funny scenes!

Like this one…

I toss my phone back on the seat just as a small box comes flying out a third floor window and lands right at my feet. Shading my eyes, I glance up and see the guy from the SUV waving down at me.
“Sorry!” he yells. “My aim was off!”
My eyes fell back to the box. It’s a packet of Durex flavored condoms. I reach down and pick it up. The front features a banana, apple, sliced orange and a strawberry, with a tagline that reads fruity flavors for extra fun. I give an audible snort because nothing spells out sexy times better than fruit salad.


There is so much I love about Brody. He is our broken hero. He loves the game of football more than anything in the world and the emotional journey we are taken on is one hell of a ride.

“Out there on the field, the game is everything. It builds you up, breaks you down, and bleeds you dry. But I fucking love it. It’s the only place I’m free”

These two are just perfect together. They’re each others yin and yang but they just need to figure out this thing called life, and be there to support one another instead of pulling away at that something that is so perfect for the both of them.

I absolutely loved the writing in this book! I was smiling, laughing, crying and chuckling from the very first page. Brody and Jordan have incredible chemistry. I loved how the sexual tension was always there, but Jordan kept Brody at arms length for a while. There was no jumping into bed right away. It built nicely, letting you enjoy every emotion and also allowed you to get to know the characters both together, and apart.

I just want to make a special mention of the secondary characters in this book. I freaking loved them!! Kate was able to create a whole bunch of supporting characters to balance out this book. It was so fun to go from Jordan’s circle, to the boys in Brody’s life, hearing their banter, practical jokes and support they have for Brody and Jordan was just a real pleasure to experience. There is no doubt that I love a great couple in a book, but it really does complete the package when their friends are people I want to get to know also. Kate did a great job of filling the roles of those characters.

I’m definitely experiencing an epic book hang over!! Books like these are the reason I love to read. They are forever sketched into your heart, making you fall in love over and over again. Bringing out some raw emotion that only an epic love can do. Whether it’s a story that spans a lifetime, or one of two college aged kids falling in love,Β The End GameΒ will go down as one of those love stories that shifted something in me at the final page. A story that will be there, reminding me of the challenges in life, and the reasons why we pick ourselves back up from rock bottom and keep on going.

Rating: 5 Stars!! β€” Standalone. College/Sports Romance.

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