Book Review: Sugar Rush by Belle Aurora

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“Oh my God. It’s finally happened.” She fans her face, blinking rapidly. “Someone took the flirt out of Max Leokov.”

WELCOME to the third book of one of my favourite book series, ever! Belle Aurora has written an amazing series filled with love, laughter, family, romance, passion and a whole lot of sexy. I could not put this book down. It was laugh out loud funny, hot, romantic, sweet, and it even had me tearing up in parts. A perfect addition to an incredible series. Belle’s stories are always something I look forward to reading, hooking me in from the first few pages and not letting me go until the very end.

“Not all families are bonded through blood. Some have been sewn together by love and laughter.”

This quote really sums up the entire series so well. This group of friends are bonded like family. They would do anything for one another. They love each other deeply and unconditionally and it is a huge part of why I love this series. From the very beginning, there is a strong sense of safety among the characters, that they have each others backs no matter what. Sugar Rush proved to be another winner from Belle Aurora. I felt through the entire book. The blurb gives you a good idea of what the story is about, so have a read here:

Max Leokov has watched the people around him find love.
At one point in life, he not only wanted that, but lived for it.
He loved once. He loved with all his heart.
His heart broken, he was left to care for his young daughter.

He deserves a second chance.

Helena Kovac has spent years studying.
She has worked her ass off to get her degree.
She doesn’t have time for love. Hell, she doesn’t have time to mess around, even.
Books and work are her life. Everything else comes second.

When Max and Helena join forces to help his daughter, Ceecee, they are shocked at the spark between them.

A cynic.
A workaholic.

When love hits, it hits hard.

And sometimes, love hurts.

That’s pretty much the gist of what happens. Max’s daughter Ceecee had a freak accident when she was little that left her paralysed and in a wheelchair. Now 13 years old, stubborn and what sounds like ‘giving up’, Max is worried that her condition is getting worse. He confides in Helena, a physical therapist, to help get Ceecee back exercising, and the story of their love begins.

The book starts off a little slowly. But I think it’s necessary to help set the scene, especially if you haven’t read books 1 & 2. In saying that, this can be read as a standalone. Belle does a wonderful job at recapping the lives of everyone so you are up to speed on who married who and so on. But if you do have the time, I would very much recommend you read the series in order. You get more of a love for these characters and understand their personalities a whole lot more. (Series reading order at the end of this review). 

The humour in this is what made this book for me. It’s light but necessary. I can see Belle’s Aussie touch come out in these books and I absolutely love it. Don’t be put off by that though, there are no jokes in there that non-Australians won’t get. It’s just that me being Australian, helped me appreciate it a lot more. Everyone else will still love it, I promise!

“I’m going to fuck you until you stop being stupid”
“Might take a while”

Max is probably my favourite character of the bunch, so I was very excited to finally get my hands on this book. Max is a total flirt but so incredibly affectionate, I kinda wish he was real!! He is the kind of hero you want for your heroine. A wonderful father, a great friend and an even more amazing lover. His ex damaged his heart and I never thought he would find someone worthy of the love he has to give.

Helena is a head strong heroine who comes from a wonderful family. She is career driven, witty and won’t take crap from anyone. It’s refreshing to have a heroine who isn’t a push over, or overly emotional. Max and Helena make a wonderful duo and I think Belle has written them a perfect love story.

“Have I told you how beautiful you look today?”


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~ Maree

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