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“After a passionate night of unforgettable sex, I thought I’d never see him again, but when I did, neither of us could walk away…”

This was exactly the book I needed to pull me out of a two month book funk. So I take my hat off to you Whitney G. Thank you!

This book, right from the first page, had a huge impact. From the asshole hero (who I absolutely loved) to the heroine who I rooted for the entire time, Turbulence was the perfect mix of spice, romance (in its own twisted way), humour and fun.

Jake and Gillian’s relationship, from the start, is just a disaster waiting to happen. She’s an air hostess and he’s a pilot for the same company. And the company’s strict non-fraternizing policy means for a huge no-no when it comes to dating. But these two decide that they really don’t give a crap. So then the temperature heats up something fierce (if you know what I mean ;).

Now the situation when these two meet is pretty funny. And how they begin their little ‘relationship’, if that’s what you want to call it, is even funnier. But if you haven’t read many reviews for this book, I’m just going to leave it at that. Because I really love the idea of finding out these types of details as the story progresses. It really sets the mood of the book and as a reader myself, I’d hate to know these details before I go in.

So this book was a little more ‘erotic’ than what I usually read. It’s full of hot sex but written really well so you don’t get lost and you definitely won’t get bored! Jake kind of reminds me a bit of Christian Grey with his demands and straight answers. It was definitely a sexy quality for this character.

“I need to fuck you again. Preferably the second we land in London, but I’m not opposed to doing it after you get finished serving either.”

The thing I loved about this book was the fact that Gillian never gave up on the idea of being with Jake.  Although he made it very clear that he didn’t ‘do’ relationships, she made it very difficult for him to walk away. Gillian slowly broke down his walls and it was quite a thing to experience along side these characters. One thing I love more than the ‘asshole’ hero, is seeing him come undone by the women who owns his heart.

I’m a huge fan of Whitney G. and she definitely didn’t disappoint with Turbulence. A fun, sexy, steamy romance that’s going to set your kindle on fire.

4 stars

Buy TURBULENCE by Whitney G. (kindle)

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