BOOK REVIEW: RAW by Belle Aurora

NOTE: This one one of my very first reviews and my style has changed… a lot

 5 Stars!!

What’s the story about?

First of all, I need to start off by saying that this book is NOT a romantic love story. It is what it says it is… Raw. Lexi had a rough childhood. She ran away from home and was later sent to live at a foster home. She is now very well educated and has a great job she is incredibly good at.

For a while now, Lexi has felt his eyes on her. She sees him watching her and something deep down inside her loves it. This story needs to be read. Hold on… you’re in for a hellova ride.

Main Characters

Lexi – Well there isn’t much more I can say about her that wasn’t said just before. But, I love her. She’s a great character, good solid head on her shoulders. She’s a ‘knows what she wants’ kinda gal. She falls for Twitch very quickly, she knows it’s a bad idea but can’t seem to stay away from him.

“I don’t want a knight in shining armor.
I don’t want a knight in scuffed armor.
I want his helmet to have dents. I want my knight to be real, and dark and savage. I want my knight to be a survivor. Someone who’s been tested and got through his trails. Not some pussy in gleaming metal.”

 Twitch – Oh Twich, where on earth do I start with you boy. – OK, let’s start here… Twitch is the perfect example of fifty shades of fucked up. Yeh, he even gives Mr Fifty Shades himself a huge run for his money. Twitch is so heartbreakingly damaged, I just want to cuddle him – all day – Every. Single. Day… Christian Grey had a tie, yeh? .. well, scrap that idea.. I want the belt. Twitch’s belt baby, and attitude.. and mouth – that dirty. dirty mouth…

“you’re so fucking hot when you get worked up that I would really like for you to suck my cock. And when I say I would really like that, I mean suck my cock, Lexi. Now.”

 OK sorry, I’m getting quite side tracked.. I apologise..

What did I think?

What did I think?? Well.. I think this was one of the most difficult books I’ve read in a long time. By difficult, I mean it’s totally hard core… totally sexy… totally brutal and totally damaging to the soul. But it’s a work of genius.

I cannot express how much a ADORE Ms Belle Aurora. Every single thing she writes takes me to my happy place, even if I’m bawling my eyes out, It’s still my happy place.

 This book – its – I can’t even put it into words. It’s just one of those books you need to read for yourself. Keep an open mind and just enjoy the ride.




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