BOOK REVIEW: Provoke by Missy Johnson

20342016 ✦ PROVOKE by Missy Johnson

Well, well, well. Didn’t this book surprise the hell out of me! I went into this only knowing the general idea. I’d read the teasers, seen the blurb, and I was so excited. When Missy contacted me asking if I’d like a complimentary copy of Provoke, I jumped at it. I was looking for a more twisted book to read. And twisted it was! But in a lighter kind of way. It was perfect for me.
I had never really experimented with the ‘darker’ books. I am, and always will be a sucker for the romance novels, but I wanted to give this one a go. I really loved Missy Johnson’s Always You, so I was excited to see where this book would go.

Provoke started off differently to what I’d read before. Mace and Leeta were a couple from the very first page. They didn’t meet after a few chapters; it was them from the very beginning. That was the first thing that caught me by surprise.

Leeta and Mace are such a mismatched couple. Leeta works in law; she’s a good girl prosecutor who is in love with the son of a notorious gangland killer. But their relationship is hot, Mace treats her like a princess and I absolutely fell in love with them both. Their chemistry is so far off the charts I was hot and bothered before the story even got anywhere!

Then, Leeta discovers a huge secret. Now, obviously I won’t be telling you what that is, but what I can say is that it left me feeling incredibly torn. When Leeta finds out, her heart is shattered, and so was mine, and it was NOTHING what I expected. This book took a turn I did not see coming at all.

This was so much bigger than her and me, and I wasn’t going to apologise for that. The thought of hurting her in any way tore me up inside, but I wasn’t going to back down on this.

Missy writes this story from both Mace and Leeta’s POVs and after the secret was revealed, you really needed it to completely understand Mace’s intentions.

As the story progressed, it was obvious how messy this situation was. My heart broke for Mace, he really isn’t the bad guy his family’s name made him out to be, but his actions are no way forgivable, but the reason behind it all, was what made me stick by him, hoping that he could somehow fix it.


This book isn’t very long, but that didn’t take away from the fact that it was packed full of action. It was fast paced, it never lagged and I read it pretty much from start to finish. It was a very unique story line, for me anyway. I had never read anything like it before so I definitely loved that. I had no idea where it would go, even though at times I thought I had it all figured out.

At this stage, this is a standalone, but I am kind of hoping we get a book for Mace’s brother Cash, who has just been released from prison. I’d love to see someone attempt to tame him! (hehe).

Provoke was a solid 4.5+ STARS for me. I loved it and I would definitely recommend it. Aside from the drama, there is still plenty of hot steamy romance for those of you who need that in a book.




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