BOOK REVIEW – Professor Feelgood by Leisa Rayven

“The only thing worse than not finding your soulmate, is finding him and realising you’re two parts of the same train traveling in different directions.”

After four months away from the blog, I was bombarded with a bookshelf full of recommendations by readers, friends and fellow bloggers that I was slowly sifting my way through, trying to figure out which one was going to grab my attention. I thought I wanted something I hadn’t touched before. Something new. Fresh. A new author maybe. Until my dear friend Leisa Rayven messaged me offering to send me the next book in her Masters of Love series. Now, if you’ve followed along for a while, you will know my absolute love for Leisa’s stories. They are something else entirely. So I jumped at the opportunity to read Professor Feelgood without even reading the synopsis.

“You shouldn’t have to fight for love, Asha. That’s the whole point of it. If two people love each other, there shouldn’t be anything that can keep them apart.”

Book 1 of this series is sitting in my top favourites for 2017, so it was without hesitation that I jumped right into book 2. But what I wasn’t prepared for, was the intensity and all consuming effect this story had on me. I was prepared to have this as my ‘holiday read’, but I absolutely devoured it in two days, only coming up for a few hours sleep then diving right back into it after dropping my son at pre-school. These characters filled a place in my heart I hadn’t even realised was reserved just for them, and without a doubt, shifted something inside me as their story unfolded right before my eyes.

“Loving you isn’t a choice. It’s who I am.” 

Leisa’s love for her characters is truely evident in the way she writes her stories. Love just beams from her words, page after page. The banter, romance, friendships between characters, and just all round fun between the pages is levelled out with a serious side. This story had just the right amount of everything to make it an absolutely perfect kick start to my reading after such a long hiatus.

“Do it. Be brave. Go after what you want with all the passion you possess. Nothing hollows out a heart more thoroughly than regret.” 

Gosh, I can’t even tell you how amazing the words are in this book. Every time these characters spoke. They honestly and truely spoke. It wasn’t just some words on paper. The thought process and meaning behind every single letter was nothing short of genius from Leisa. I’m so used to alpha males and their hard words. But the hero in this story really was just that to me. A hero. The way these characters developed over time kept me completely invested in their love story. It truely was a joy to experience.

“I do a lot of things badly and a few things well. But I do one thing better than anyone else on the planet, and that’s love you.”  

If you’re looking for something fun, with a deep and consuming romance, you need to get your hands on Professor Feelgood. It can definitely stand alone for those of you who haven’t read book 1, but these stories are just that good, you will go back for them all.

A 5 Star ‘enemies to lovers’ romance.

Masters of Love series

#1 Mister Romance – kindle | paperback | my review
#2 Professor Feelgood – kindle | paperback


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