I have started compiling a list of my all time favourite reads. Over the years, I have accumulated a great list of books to recommend to my friends who ask for recommendations. Some of these don’t have reviews as I had read them years before I started this blog, so for that reason, I am just going to list the books as their book covers. You’ll just have to trust me with how good they are 😉

They have been listed in no particular order, but each are amazing in their own way. In regards to a favourite series, if they are a series of standalones, I have added the ones I loved. If it is a series that you need to read in order (eg. same couple throughout the entire series) I have listened them next to each other. Most of them have similar covers so you should be able to see what goes with what.

Before you read on, I’d also like to add that this list is constantly being edited with new and amazing favourites so be sure to stop back every now and then for updates! Click on the book for purchase links and to read the blurb 🙂

Happy Reading! x




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