My favourite Instagram accounts and why you should be following them

When it comes to inspiration, I’m drawn to many different ‘flavours’ and Instagram is usually the very first place I go to. With the many different hats I wear in my life, I tend to follow an array of accounts to help me through my day – to – day struggle of staying in touch with the world.

First and foremost, I am a woman. I am me. I have many people say to me “the most important thing in the world for you right now is being a mother”, and while I don’t disagree with that statement, we tend to forget that the most important thing in the world right now is being you. Looking after you. Because without looking after yourself, how are you going to look after anyone else? How am I going to look after my own children if I don’t take care of me first. I want to give them the best version of myself because without that, I would not be doing the best thing for them.

So on that note, I give you my favourite Instagram accounts and what each of these remarkable women do for me on a daily basis.

The Bibliotheque has quickly become one of my favouirte accounts to follow (and blogs to read). She has a wonderful sense of humour and an opinion that always gets me thinking. Her photos are never short of stunning and her stories keep me busy for hours on end. Keep an eye out for a collaboration between us over the next few weeks. We will be bringing you some great recommendations to add to your ever growing tbr lists!

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Gen Padalecki is the gorgeous wife of actor Jarod Padalecki and mum of three beautiful children. She recently launched her blog Now and Gen which I have quickly becoming completely obsessed with. Her views on motherhood, lifestyle, fashion and life in general keep me motivated, entertained and give me my daily dose of *swoon* (because I mean, she’s married to Sam Winchester!). I know Instagram can portray a ‘perfect’ life for people which we all know isn’t true, but Gen keeps it all as real as she can. From kids ‘time-outs’ and other motherhood struggles to balancing life and work. I feel completely drawn to her and everything she has to say. I adore her blog and truely recommend you all follow her if this is something you think you’d love to see on your feed.

Natasha from Book Baristas is by far one of my favourite people on Instagram. I have been a loyal follower of hers for years now, and I absolutely love all the (virtual) adventures she takes us on in her life. She’s creative, fun, sweet and extremely talented. She has a strong voice in the bookish world that I love listening to. Her recommendations are always on point and her feed is just as perfect. Her fun (looking) life in NY is something you need to follow so be sure to head over and do so if you don’t already.

Now, books are of course one of my favourite things in the universe. But so are cosmetics. And my darling friend Kristine from Glass Paper Ink Book Blog is what I would call Queen of Cosmetics. She combines books with lipstick and all sorts of amazing products that keep me opening up my wallet to! (which, by the way, I have no issue in doing 😛 ). Another amazing blogger with a strong voice in this book world who I could listen to speak for hours on end. Although we are practically neighbours here in Sydney, I don’t spend enough time in this girls presence. Coffee soon? x

Oh Alyssa, how I wish I lived your life. Swept Away by Books is a must follow for every book lover in this world. She has recently moved from Vancouver, Canada to Scotland (cue all outlander jealousy) because she legit visits all the places, and her pictures are just as amazing as they sound. She has gorgeous taste in fashion and books and her photography skills are on point. I look forward to her pics spamming my feed on a daily basis (*ahem* i wish you’d post more 😉 ) and comes highly recommended by me!

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Kate from Lillytales is another kick-ass woman I adore. She is co-creator of the incredible Nook & Burrow (you guys need to go and buy all the things!) and her energy radiates through her posts. She inspires me to be a better version of myself. Her personality shines through her posts and they excite me every time I scroll past them on my feed. Kate, I wanna be like you when I grow up. Keep being amazing.

Demi is gorgeous. And her pictures are just as spectacular. Over the years, I have learnt a lot from Demi and her Insta feed. She has chopped and changed her style but I have loved every single one. Her book recommendations have been a lifesaver at times when all I can think of doing is re-reading Fifty Shades of Grey and Twilight for the 11292480346834th time. If you’re looking for some great new book recs and a gorgeous selection of bookish merch, Demi is your girl!

Tracy from Life and Literature (formally know as @youngadultbookaddict) has been a wonderful supporter of my little blog. With over 130k followers of her own, she knows a thing or two about this bookstagram world. Her pictures though, are magnificent, and are well worth the hours I’ve spent staring at them when I should be parenting (lol). Her taste in books range from YA to Historical and everything in between. She has become a great friend in this big wide world of Instagram and I look forward to everything she has in store for us in the future.

Last, but certainly not least, Tash from Book Lit Love is a little quiet achiever. She’s full of talent and a little pocket rocket in this big blogging world. She’s creative, sweet and incredibly generous. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had a secret package delivered to my doorstep from her or a surprise gift handed to me at a book signing. Tash is constantly being a wonderful friend to everyone and a real cheerleader for my blog. Go and check her out. She deserves it.

So there you have it. Instagram through my eyes (so to speak). These 9 accounts are no way the only 9 I adore. There are so mant incredibly talented Instagrammers out there who continue to inspire me and make me smile on a daily basis. Make sure you post your favourites below too, incase I don’t follow them. I’m always looking for new amazing people to spam my feed 😉

Until next time.


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