BOOK REVIEW: Mister Romance by Leisa Rayven

“There’s one important difference between him and me.”
“Which is?”
“I have no idea how he treated you like you were invisible. When I’m with you, you’re all I see.”


Oh my goodness!! This BOOK! 
I’m still on such a high after finishing this book about 10 mins before starting this review. I wanted to wait a few hours to let it all sink in, but I honestly couldn’t wait to talk to everyone about it, so I just went straight to my computer and began typing!

This book was seriously perfect for me. Perfect romance, perfect sexual tension, perfect characters, perfect plot, perfect perfect perfect!!!! And omg the feeeeeels!! Mister Romance, was one of the most exciting books I’ve read in a really long time. Absolutely unputdownable, extremely well written and just all round the best thing I’ve picked up in ages. Bravo Ms Rayven. Bravo.

As his alter-ego Mister Romance, Max is a drop-dead gorgeous escort who makes romantic fantasies come to life. No sex, just swoon-worthy dates to die for, and the cream of New York’s socialites can’t get enough.  Whether they want a dominating billionaire, bad boy with a heart of gold, hot geek, sexy biker, or best friend who loves them from afar, Max can make it all happen, but he’s careful to keep his real identity a secret.

Ok so these characters were so fantastic. Max is completely drool-worthy. I fell for him straight away. His confidence and sex appeal oozed through the pages, yet he was softened slightly by his mysterious history. Eden was. . . gah! I freaking loooved her. Like, full on, girl crush Monday LOVE. She was sassy, witty, funny and knew exactly what she wanted out of people and life, and she didn’t give a damn what anyone thought about it. She was also completely against romance. Her track record of one night stands with asshole men drove her to think that romance was best kept in books.

Eden is an investigative journalist who’s about to get fired if she doesn’t come up with one hell of a story. So after a conversation with her sister one day about a guy who ‘women hire to make romantic fantasies come to life’, she throws the idea of a story about this guy to her boss in order save her job.

“He’s an escort,” Asha clarifies.
“Isn’t that just a fancy label for man-whore?”
“No. He doesn’t have sex with his clients.”
I pass her a tip of coffee. “You just told me he did.”
“No,” she says… “I said he makes their romantic fantasies come to life.”
“And that doesn’t include sex.”

After failed attempts to track this extremely ‘off grid’ Mister Romance down, she bumps into Max in the most ‘accidental’ way (and just FYI, omg it was brilliant! I was sitting up in bed with my hand over my mouth for a good 3 minutes while the whole scene processed haha). So after some conversation and amazing banter between the two, they agree to three dates for the sake of her story. He allows all questions and gives honest answers in order for Eden to have the exclusive she needs for her boss. And he will expose Eden to everything he offers his clients- but says that after the three dates, he knows she will fall in love with him. And when she does, the terms are that Eden will need to pull the entire article and forget she ever knew him.

Obviously Eden goes through with it and agrees to the conditions as she is 100% certain that he is full of shit and cannot sweep her off her feet after three dates. She’s confident the article will run after their time together is done because she’s never been in love with anyone and just doesn’t do romance.

“You’re so starved of romance in your life, you’re like an emotional skeleton. I intend to put some meat back on your bones. Make you believe in something other than a bleak apocalypse.”

Throughout this story, I honestly felt like I was Eden, or at least living this story right along side her. On the dates, Max becomes different characters in order to provide the perfect kind of romance and romantic scenarios (swoon!!). So you get to see a few different sides of him. But I was initially finding it hard to see where Max himself came into the story. I was confused as to who was falling for. Was it Max? Was is his other characters? I felt Eden’s confusion like emotional whiplash, but it just added so much depth to the entire experience. But in all honesty, the author’s writing style really made this book for me. It was a difficult concept to love in the very beginning. I had no idea how the author was going to make me fall in love with Max, but the way each word flowed onto the next, the way each chapter just kept building, it was honestly so well written I was hooked!

‘He once told me that you could live and die within the lifetime of a good kiss, and that’s what this feels like.’

 As the story played out, the tension grew so much. Max’s ‘no sex’ rule made for intense feelings of frustration, which ultimately made the scenes so hot!

“Do you ever just take off your shirt and flex in front of a mirror? You know, to perv on your own hotness?”
“No. Do you ever take off your shirt and caress your breasts, just for the hell of it?”
I shrug. “Sometimes. When I get stressed, I cup my boobs and give them a reassuring squeeze.”
“Good information. Next time you’re stressing, I’ll have to try that.”

LOL! Oh, and this one too…

“Uh… what’s happening?”
“I’m taking off my shirt.”
“Because we’ve apparently reached the portion of the evening where we get semi-naked to torture the other person.”
He pulls off his shirt and throws in onto the stool with his jacket, and I’ll admit it, I gape… I’ve seen glimpses of his naked torso before now, but never the whole thing. And here he is, standing there wearing only his slim-cut dinner pants and a pissed-off expression, and I can’t remember a single reason why I haven’t licked him yet.

But seriously, this book has everything. It’s angsty in all the right ways, extremely sexy, very funny and just really really enjoyable. I honestly couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend this book, and every single book written by Leisa Rayven. Max Reily is definitely going down as a book boyfriend you will need to be acquainted with. You will not be disappointed, I promise!

5 stars!

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