Happy New Year, Booknerds!

I hope everyone is having a magical holiday.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank every single one of you who take the time out of your day to read what I write, to comment, like, and share everything that I post, and recommend my blog to your friends and family every single day. It means the absolute world to me, and I cannot thank you enough.

My little blog has become my escape. My one true love. My little baby who I have loved, nurtured and watched grow for the last four years. And without every single one of you, none of it would be possible. Mind you, I’d still be writing and posting and doing everything I do now because I love doing it. It’s become a passion I cannot live without. But receiving messages and reading all your comments about all the amazing books you guys have discovered because of my recommendations makes me giddy.

Sitting here reflecting on the year that was has left me feeling a tad emotional. It’s been a difficult year which had me putting my blog to the side for a while. I would pop my head in every now and then to check in, but ultimately, my energy was being sucked out by other things in my life.

2018 is going to be different. I am going to be putting me first this year. I turned 30 in October and I’m determined to make the next 10 months ones to remember. I want to read all the books I never got to in 2017. I want to blog about everything that my heart desirers. I want to share with you guys all the things that make me happy. Because this book community is the one thing that I know I can rely on to always put a smile on my face.

So on that note, I want to wish everyone a wonderful 2018. I hope you guys will continue to share your recommendations with me as I continue to grow my library and feed my passion for reading, and good luck knocking you 2018 reading goals out of the park!

Peace and Love,

Maree xx


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