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Before the release of the highly anticipated Give Me Hell – book 4 in Kate McCarthy’s Give Me Series – I just wanted to take a moment to recap the awesomeness that is this entire series, and hopefully convince more people to pick it up and read it. Also, at the end of this review, I have a little surprise for you all! Kate has sent me a never seen before excerpt from Give Me Hell, which will have a release date by the end of this week!!!!

Now, onto my review…

This is by far one of my absolute favourite book series I’ve ever read, if not my favourite. Each book is based on a new couple, but they are all interconnecting. Every single character comes back in the following book, so start from the beginning. Its jam packed full of action, suspense, drama, heartbreak and a whole heap of hilarious scenes and one liners. But more importantly, there are plenty of hot and broody Aussie alpha heroes with strong, independent and feisty heroines by their sides, who I promise will steal your hearts completely.

These books are ultimately based around one family. The Valentines. Three brothers (Jared, Travis & Mitch) and a sister (Mackenzie). Although book 3 took a bit of turn away from the Valentine family in terms of main characters and was written about one of their best friends, Casey. But all the Valentines are still very much a part of the story. We meet Casey in book one, and you will find that these characters see family as more than just blood. They’re loyal, dedicated, strong and fearless. And they love each other beyond measure.

“I see you two together. I see you look at him and him look at you, and it’s like…that’s how it’s supposed to be.” – Give Me Love

Each couple battle through good, bad and bat-shit crazy, and fall in love in the process. Their love stories are epic and the chemistry is off the charts. This series as a whole is easily 6 stars and beyond.

It’s one of those book series that has stayed with me. I read book one (Give Me Love) back in 2013 and since then, I’ve found myself comparing other books to it all the time. The characters are always in the back of my mind, and the next book is always one I’m anxiously awaiting. The writing is brilliant. Addictive. And it hooks you from the very first line (in every book!!). It’s funny, raw and honest, and above all, incredibly beautiful. Their stories are ones that fill your heart with so much feeling and emotion, it’s hard to let go of them at the end!

“Every day I get up, tired from not sleeping, and I go to work and do what I do. Late at night I come home and go to bed for another sleepless night, and the whole time there’s a weight on my chest that’s so fucking heavy it leaves me feeling like I can’t breathe. When I’ve got hold of you, somehow it doesn’t feel so heavy anymore.” – Give Me Strength

There is a lot of story to each of these books. They’re not short. And they are by no means ‘light and fluffy’. But Kate McCarthy gets the balance just right every single time. I’ve gone back and re-read these books a number of times which I don’t usually do with books, and I love picking up new things and falling in love all over again.

“Would you look at me?”
Grace faced me, folding her arms.
“I’ve never been in love before.” Her breath hitched and I knew how she felt. Just saying the words had my heart slamming against my ribs. “I don’t know what the hell I’m doing and I’m sure that’s obvious. I was only trying to tell you how I felt. That I want you to be mine, and mine alone. That I love you.”

So, these books are Give Me Love – Evie and Jared, Give Me Strength – Travis and Quinn, and Give Me Grace – Casey and Grace.

I really do recommend you read them in order though, because each of these characters are present in all the books, and it’s really good to know their back story from the first book. Book one is currently free, so YAY! Go and one-click that baby here.

“Family is more than blood. It’s everything we stand for and whether right or wrong, we stand for each other” – Give Me Hell

I really hope you all give this series a chance. If you’ve been following my blog and loving what you are seeing on here then I promise you, you will love these books. I decided to do this series review because book four will be out really soon, and it’s going to be epic. My reviews for each of these book individually are linked below, so feel free to check them out!

If  you have any questions or concerns, leave them in the comments section below!!

GIVE ME LOVE (My review)
GIVE ME GRACE (My review)

Now, for those of you who are dying for book 4, below is a little excerpt I managed to convince Kate to send me!! Holy freaking squeeeeeee!!!! This book is going to be amazing, I can feel it!!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I have for you. Be sure to leave your thoughts below! <3

Happy reading xx

With a low chuckle I roll over on my bed to eyeball the stolen file that I’d slapped on my bedside table last night before crashing. I’m feeling rather pleased with myself until my gaze encounters Jake. My gleeful chortle dies a quick death.

He’s leaning against my bedroom wall, bare-chested, arms folded, and wearing nothing but a pair of black boxer-briefs and a furious glare.

My gaze drops to the bed where Jake has laid out the black beanie used to cover my pale hair, and the black leather gloves that kept my fingerprints from any surface I came in contact with.

Fuck. The sun is streaming in through the blinds and I know it must be late morning already. Clearly I’d forgotten to set the morning alarm. A rookie mistake. And now I need to get past the gauntlet that is Jake and somehow get the file to Casey before he enacts his own plan to retrieve it.

My eyes flick up, meeting his. “Morning,” I say coolly.
His jaw ticks. “Care to explain?”

Jake’s car keys rest on top of the report file and I know he’s seen them. Not only had I performed a break and enter last night, I had also added car theft to my criminal repertoire. Explaining that will likely cause my untimely death. I pretend to consider his question for a moment. “Not really.”

Jake pushes off from the wall and moves toward the bed, bringing him closer. “Well you’re going to.”
“No,” I say, casually sliding across the mattress and away from Jake. “Not today. I have things to—” Putting one knee on the bed, Jake leans across and grabs the back of my long-sleeved shirt in his fist. He yanks and the distinct sound of a riiipppppp renders the air.

“My shirt,” I gasp as I fly through the air, landing on my back on the mattress with a hard bounce.
“I don’t give a rat’s fucking ass about your shirt,” he growls, straddling my body.

His hard thighs trap me in place and his hands pin mine to the bed. Moving will likely end with a cracked rib.

Jake leans his face down until I can’t look anywhere but in his eyes. “You can start with why you’re dressed like a thieving little bandit.”
“Because I stole your car.”
“Why did you steal my car?”
“Because I couldn’t get a cab.”

I actually considered calling for a taxi but then my movements would be on public record, easily placing me at the scene. I’d had to rule it out.

“Stop leading me in circles, Princess, and spit it the fuck out. What did you do?

I huff deeply, letting my frustration out. Jake isn’t going to just let this go. It leaves me with two choices. Lie or be honest. I chose door number two, because while I sometimes keep things from Jake, he doesn’t deserve outright deceit.

I spill out my early hours adventure, rethinking my choice of honesty as he sits back on the bed, his fury a slow-building thunderstorm.

There’s silence for a tense moment when I finish speaking.

“You committed a felony,” he says in a soft voice. I’m not fooled by the tone. His anger is a barely leashed lion. “And you used my car to do it.”

My lips press in a thin line. I hadn’t thought that particular implication through, and now I’m angry at myself. “I’m sorry.”

His expression narrows to one of vengeful retribution. “Oh you’ll be sorry.”
“I will?”
“When I paddle your fucking ass.”
“Shut it,” he growls, his voice rising. “You broke into a detective’s house. You stole her property. You—”
“Casey’s property,” I mutter.
“Don’t interrupt me when I’m explaining your stupidity to you.”

Please note: Although books 1-3 are all interconnecting standalones and can be read on their own, Give Me Grace (#3) must be read before Give Me Hell as the story continues on, and then goes back to the very beginning. You can catch up on the entire series below. 

My review
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My review
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My review
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