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The Novel Lifestyle is so excited to announce that we are now sharing our love for Young Living Essential Oils. Promoting and providing a more natural living environment for you and your family!

Our decision to switch to Young Living was incredibly simple. The chemicals and toxins in our home were affecting more than just our skin, and I wanted to provide a safer, more natural home in every aspect I had control over. So that meant that our cleaning products, washing detergents, toothpastes, shower products, make up, wellness support products.. everything.. needed a complete overhaul.

Just take a look at this…

(source of pic unknown)

So, as you can imagine, I ran through my house and threw out everything. THE ENTIRE LOT! We had nothing left in the house. I contacted my friend who had been doing this business for about 2 years now, and asked her “where do I sign??!!” because my home needed a complete makeover.

Fast forward 4 weeks, I can now proudly say that we have created a much safer environment for our family. My husband was sceptical at first, but by the 3rd week, he asked me to order him the car diffuser for a more ‘calming environment in the car” for when he navigates his way through Sydney traffic on the daily!

Making the switch was the best decision ever. We use oils for EVERYTHING now.

  • To promote good sleep
  • Supporting immunity
  • Cleaning the entire house
  • Washing (dishes, food and clothes)
  • To support emotional wellbeing
  • To create a calm and relaxing atmosphere
  • Maintaining appearance of healthy, toned skin
  • To freshen the air
  • To aid digestion and sooth a sore tummy

and so many more reasons!

I make everything from scratch now, so I know exactly what ingredients are in everything and I know that they are 100% safe for myself and my family. And it’s super cost effective!! (ask me how)

I could go on and on about this, so if this is something you’re interested in knowing more about, feel free to send me a message and we can chat. One thing I would recommend purchasing if you choose to make the switch, is this book. Oil + Glass by The Essential Collective. It has all the DIY recipes for absolutely anything you need. From natural playdoh, mummy rollers, outdoor blends, cleaning, wellness support, kids and babies and a whole lot more. There is literally a mix for everything! It was the best buy I’ve made in a long time. You can find it on Amazon here, or if you’re in Australia you can purchase it here.

You can follow our family’s journey over on Instagram (click here)

Want to know how get started on your natural living lifestyle and kick all the chemicals and toxins out of your home?

(I recommend the Premium Starter Kit. It gives you ALL the oils you need to be on your way to a more natural lifestyle. Plus you get a diffuser and some really awesome samples of other products!)

Get started with Young Living


Purchase as a retail customer

(make sure to select ‘retail customer’ and enter the 
number 17678298 in both the Sponsor and Enroller fields.)

PLEASE NOTE: becoming a member DOES NOT mean you have to sell the products, or are locked into any kind of contract or commitment. It just gives you a membership number and password to be able to log in… Oh and 24% off retail prices in your own online store! #winning – but, the option for you to do the business side of this will always be there if you ever get curious. If you have any questions about any aspect of this, please don’t hesitate to email me via the ‘contact’ page and I will be in touch to help. 


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