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4.5-5 STARS

Before I jump into my review, I just want to say that this book means more to me than just ‘an awesome book’. This book is the very reason I fell madly in love with reading. It was the first book I picked up after a friend of mine asked me “what’s a good book to read, Maree?” and to this day, it’s the book I tell people to start off with when wanting to begin their reading journey.

I am writing this review almost a year after reading Easy because I feel as though this is one of the books that should be spoken about. I’ve read it twice since and I will read it again.

Ok, now for my review.

This book was the perfect starting point in the NA genre for me. It blended drama, heartbreak, romance, so much swoon, giddiness and plenty of those smiles that hurt your face, all in one. Tammara Webber will always be one of my favourites. Her writing style is smooth and easy to read, making it the perfect mixture of an amazing read.

“Choosing to be with you isn’t a difficult decision, Jacqueline,” he breathed, pulling back one final time to stare into my eyes. “It’s easy. Incredibly easy.”

Sigh – I am so proud to say that Lucas was my very first book boyfriend and for that reason, I don’t think anyone will take him off the top. Don’t get me wrong, there are BB’s who are right there along side him, but Lucas will never leave. He will always be at #1.

The story of Easy, follows Jacqueline Wallace, who goes off to university with her boyfriend of three years. She suddenly finds herself single, heartbroken and in the position of having to watch her ex ‘sow his royal oats’ right under her nose. At a party one night, one of her ex’s frat boys, Buck, attempts to rape her when out of no-where, her gorgeous Knight in shining armour Lucas, beats him to a pulp and then takes her home with nothing more than a see you later. Soon after, Jacqueline discovers Lucas is in her economics class which she finds out that she’s failing (and falling for Lucas) all at the same time.

Enter Landon.

Her professor has given Jacqueline the email of a tutor who she contacts for assistance with the subject. Their relationship begins professionally, but although they have yet to meet in person, it begins to escalate into something more flirtatious and leaves Jacqueline questioning her feelings for both Landon and Lucas.

The rest of the story should be discovered without me saying anything. The impact of the plot will be much more powerful if you don’t know anything else about the story.

That being said, I could not put this book down. Tammara had me turning pages, so eager to find out what was going to happen next. Who is Landon? When will they meet? What’s up with Lucas? and going on this journey with Jacqueline, I felt like I was right by her side.

There are plot twists that I did not see coming and my emotions were thrown into the wringer but I absolutely loved every minute of this ride.

“I’m trying to protect you. From myself. I don’t do…” he swung a finger back and forth between us”…this.” 

The angst in this book is crazy, but I really felt as though Tammara did this to us for a reason. It honestly made me feel sick at times, but I believe that if that amount of angst wasn’t there, the story wouldn’t have been what it is; an amazingly emotional read. I had read a lot of reviews saying that some of the angst could have been avoided, but lets be honest here, when is anyone’s relationship the same as someone else’s? Everyone handles events in their lives and their emotions differently and I think Tammara stayed true to her characters and what they were experiencing at that point in the story. I wouldn’t have wanted things to turn out any different, heartbreaking or not.

Lucas is all kinds of gorgeous and I think Tammara Webber should win an award for that kissing scene. Holy wow.

“The night we met-I’m not like that guy.” His jaw was rigid.
“I know tha-” He placed a finger over my lips, his expression softening.
“So I don’t want you to feel pressured. Or overpowered. But I do, absolutely, want to kiss you right now. Badly.” 

I think you all need to take the time to fall in love with everything that is Lucas & Jacqueline. This story will forever be one that I look back at with a smile and think “I am so glad I gave this book a chance”.

Thank you Tammara Webber, for putting your heart into words and giving us this story.


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