BOOK REVIEW: The Ones Who Got Away by Roni Loren

“I’m back in the town that thinks I’m a hero when I wasn’t, talking to some reporter about stuff I wish I could forget, and standing here with the girl I almost got killed — and I still don’t know what to say to her.”

I have spent the last 13 days flicking through my kindle, with hundreds of titles that have not be able to grab my attention. I one-clicked this book on release day and have been completely intrigued by its premise ever since. I’m currently away on holiday with my kids and have had a fair bit of time to read, and I’ve ended up finishing this book in 2 days! Roni Loren was a new author for me, and I’m so damn glad I took the plunge and read this book. It was absolutely everything I was looking for right now and such a wonderful way to start the year!

“I know you don’t need a protector. But if you’re with me, you’re getting one,” he said, his voice coming out rough. “I’m never going to be that guy who left you vulnerable again. I can’t offer much these days, but I can promise you that. I’ve got your back, Livvy. I can keep you safe.”

Those of you who have been following my blog for a few years now will know that my favourite type of book is a second- chance romance. These kinds of book are the ones that make me feel the most. I think it’s knowing that the two characters have a history of some sort which ultimately brings all the feels. The small difference with this story is that their first romance was done in secret.

The hero and heroine were secret high-school sweethearts ripped apart by a shooting on the night of their prom. Years later, they have been brought back together for a documentary being made of the survivors, throwing them head first into everything they tried to put behind them, including their feelings for each other that they hadn’t realise were still very much there.

“Everything that we were before that night got erased.” She snapped her fingers in front of his face. “Gone. Just like that.”
“Not everything, Liv,” he said softly, lifting his hand like he was going to reach for her but then lowering it to his side again. “They can’t take everything.”

This story evoked so many emotions out of me. I’ve highlighted passages that I would absolutely love to share with you because they are so darn beautiful, but for you guys to read them in context would be a million times better. The book is very well written. That was one of the very first things that hooked me. I usually give a book a few chapters before I make my decision whether I will continue to read it or not, but by the first 2 pages, I knew this was a book I was going to find very hard to put down. The characters are amazing, possibly some of my favourites. Each have their own story that needs to be told, so I hope that this is where the series is going. I do know for a fact that one of the other girls is getting her book next so I’m super excited to read it. It will be a definitely one-click for me.

Roni Loren has won a new fangirl in me. The Ones Who Got Away is my first 5 star read for 2018! I highly recommend this book if you love those beautiful, emotional, second-chance romances that pull at all your heart strings.

You can pick up a copy here: kindle | paperback | audio

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