Book Review — Sweet Obsession (Sweet Addiction #3) by J. Daniels

sweet obsessionEveryone knows Brooke Wicks loves to have a good time. She’s not interested in getting serious, settling down, or limiting herself to one man. So when she meets the sexy, irresistible Mason King, she sees another opportunity to let loose and go wild. But the gorgeous Aussie isn’t interested in just a quick fling with Brooke, and if she wants to get into his bed, she’s going to have to do it on his terms.

Loving fast and hard has always been Mason’s philosophy. He doesn’t want a meaningless connection, he wants it all, and he wants it with Brooke. When she makes her one desire known—to hit it and quit it—Mason wages a plan to ensure Brooke keeps coming back for more. Or so he hopes.

Getting her attention was the easy part. Keeping it might be damn near impossible.


“I’m yours. My body, my soul. All of my time is yours”

First of all, LOOK AT THAT COVER!!

Seriously, when J. Daniels contacted me before she hit publish on her very first novel and asked me to read it, I jumped at it. Not only was the blurb something that caught my attention, but the damn cover was just so stunning, I couldn’t refuse!!

J hasn’t let her efforts go on her stunning book covers. And I think this one suits Brooke perfectly.

Now, onto my thoughts of this book. For anyone playing along at home, this can be read as a complete standalone. Although I do recommend you begin at book one. You get to meet all the gang there and it’s just a really fun ride through the series. I have listed all the books at the bottom of this post.

“Jesus. Do all Australians smell this good? Like sunshine and impending orgasms? Mercy.”

Yes. You heard it here. MASON KING IS AUSTRALIAN!!

Since I too am an Aussie, I don’t quite get the whole “I love your accent” thing. Because we don’t have an accent 😉 But in my head it was fun to play Brooke as an American and then read Mason knowing we speak the same way. It is kinda hot. I guess I can understand the sexiness that is a man with a foreign accent.

“One tent. One sleeping bag. Get ready for stage-five clinger status, buddy. I’m going to be on you like a hobo on a muffin.”

HAHA!! Seriously!! This book is so. much. fun!! … It’s hot, it’s sexy, it’s funny and it made me feel so freaking amazing I just wanted to live within the pages for all of eternity. J Daniels really knows how to make her books pop. They stand out for me. They’re different in a great way. Her writing style is flawless and her storytelling is great. The characters come alive and they feel real. So real, that when it’s over, you wish you could do it all over again for the very first time. 

I adore J Daniels and everything she writes. If you’ve been thinking of reading this series, do it. You won’t be disappointed. Just be ready to fall in love with a whole bunch of imperfect friends who make everyday in their world, a bright one. <3

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Sweet Addiction Series

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