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Wow. Okay. This book is filled with angst and completely unputdownable (that’s not a real word, but just roll with it)… It had me feeling all kinds of emotions, even wiping away tears at 1am while my husband slept beside me with no idea I was a complete mess right next to him. There was twist after twist and it went in a direction that completely took me by surprise but hey, it was an awesome ride! I loved this book!

From the very beginning, the sexual tension between Justin and Amelia was off. the. charts. Seriously intense. It’s what grabs your attention so early on in the book. I honestly kept looking at how far I had to go in the book and kept thinking “is that all! how many times will the shit hit the fan!”. Penelope Ward does not hold back, you literally head straight in for drama. It’s great!!

“I am so sorry if my leaving like that hurt you in any way.”

“Hurt me?” He let out a slightly angry laugh then shocked me with what he said next. “It changed me. I loved you, Amelia. I was in love with you.” Justin ran his fingers through his hair in frustration. “How the fuck did you not know that?”

Basically, Amelia and Justin are childhood friends. They inherit Amelia’s grandmothers house 50/50 after she passes away and they both go and live in it for the summer (with Justin’s girlfriend in tow). 10 years prior, stuff went down and Amelia left, leaving Justin furious. When they meet again at the house one summer, Justin is full of resentment and anger and does a pretty good job at taking it out on Amelia.

Now Amelia and Justin’s girlfriend, Jade, start to become friends (I know, it sounds weird but I promise you it’s not. I actually really like Jade). But before you get carried away, there is no love triangle and no cheating. I promise. Jade goes back to New York for work and Justin and Amelia are left by themselves with no choice but to try and resolve their issues and they begin to reconnect again.

Now the book takes a turn that completely took me off guard. But don’t be scared! It seriously brings on a whole new level of emotional and it works perfectly for these characters. I think it was the only way that they were going to grow up and face the now instead of living in the past.

The second twist (as some of you may have heard there is) is actually also very important for the growth and development of these characters, especially towards each other. It had my heart racing in ever second, praying that neither of them would screw it up. Again, it changed the course of the book but in a really good way.

I know I’m not giving anything away, but I promise it’s for good reason. You really need to experience these events without knowing. You will love the book so much more this way.

“I never stopped loving you. There may have been times I tried to hate you, but even then, I never stopped loving you.”

This book had everything. I read it in just over a day and absolutely loved it. This is the second book I have read from this author and I will continue to buy her book purely for the sake of entertainment value. Her stories are never boring. RoomHate had me flipping pages until the very last. It’s an emotionally charged, angst filled love story that you guys should definitely read. Justin will make you swoon, I promise!! I loved it!! <3

Rating: 4.5 Stars


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