BOOK REVIEW: Misbehaving by Abbi Glines

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Misbehaving by Abbi Glines


Jason is sick of living in his rock star brother’s shadow. So when he ships off to Sea Breeze, Alabama, he’s looking for a much deserved escape and a chance to blow off some envious steam. Falling for the local bad girl was definitely not the plan. But as the new duo enjoys some naughty fun in the Alabama sun, Jason learns that even though Jax is the musician in the family, he’s not the only brother who can rock someone’s world

I really really enjoyed this book. Like, a whole lot. It was just the right amount of drama, plenty of swooning moments and just fun. It’s not a very long book, I guess the only thing I would have said I didn’t like was that it wasn’t long enough! I want know what happens after Sea Breeze! (hint hint Abbi!! coughs book two coughs ) .. It was the breath of fresh air I needed right now, I’ve read so many emotionally draining books, I needed something light and enjoyable and this was absolutely perfect!

This is Jess’ story. Jess and Jason’s story, and I loved it. Jess is my type of ‘badass’. She’s a though cookie, she hasn’t been dealt a great life, but she doesn’t complain. She lives with her mum and is trying to get rid of her of her always cheating ex, whom she can’t seem to let go, she doesn’t feel like she deserves any better, and that, breaks my heart.

“I should have known better. But I was an idiot. All it had ever taken from Hank was one pitiful bat of his eyelashes and a pout, and I came running.”

 Until one night, she was running from the law, and into the Porsche of her rescuer. This is when the ‘bad girl’ Jess meets ‘rockers brother’ Jason. She doesn’t know who he is at first, and Jason likes this. He can just be himself with her. Their friendship is sweet, but Jess’ self worth issues begin to bother Jason. He doesn’t want to care so much but he can’t help feeling like Jess is selling herself short. She deserves more.

Jason’s character is sweet. He’s fun and out going. He falls for Jess quickly, but doesn’t realise it. He is protective of her in a good way, and that changes things for Jess, takes her into unknown territory.

Parts of this book made my heart ache. I really really felt for Jess. She deserves so much more than what she is willing to allow herself to have, and she couldn’t see that. Jason was trying to convince himself that he wasn’t going to be the one to give it to her, so Jess convinced herself that she was just a distraction for Jason. Nothing more.

 “I’m the bad girl from the wrong side of the tracks meant to drive the ex-girlfriend mad with jealousy.”

The way she thought of herself really upset me at times. I felt like jumping into the pages and telling her myself. Telling her that she did deserve a happy ending. She didn’t have to just ‘settle’.

Abbi Glines is so great with words. I felt for every single character in this book. From the psycho ex boyfriend, to the way her mother shows her unconditional love. Abbi Glines makes you feel. By the end of the book I had a really big smile on my face. It was so nice. I just wanted to hug everyone and read it all over again. 

This really was a great read. They’re journey is a great one. I will definitely be reading it again.

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