Book Review: Give Me Grace (Give Me #3) by Kate McCarthy

Casey Daniels has a past forged in Hell. Despite the friends, the endless supply of women, and the muscle car he spent years restoring, it still eats away at him.

Grace Paterson is in Sydney as a temporary bassist for Jamieson, the band Casey handles security for. She’s also infuriating, off-limits, and completely irresistible.

A deal is struck, and despite their intense and powerful connection, both think it will be easy to walk away. But life can be more ruthless than either of them ever imagined. Not only does Grace have a secret she’s desperate to keep, Casey has questions from his past that he’s willing to do anything to get answers for.

It’s not until someone wants one of them dead that Casey realises his love for Grace is the one thing he could never walk away from.
In a story of revenge, betrayal, secrets, and love, Casey will need to reconcile his past with his present, before the future he never knew he wanted is snatched away.



Holy freaking SQUEEEEEEEE! Guys!! This book is E.P.I.C!

The Give Me Series is like a drug to me. I can’t get enough. It’s absolutely perfect for anyone who loves reading a romance, dished with a side of badass. It will leave your heart pumping and craving another hit. This book to me was simply incredible. I loved it, I loved it, I loved it!! We’ve been waiting for Casey’s story since he stole our hearts in book #1 and it was more than worth the wait.

Right now, I’m struggling to accept the fact that this book has now moved to my read pile. I miss Casey and Grace so much already. I could have devoured this epic story in one looooong sitting but I took my time drinking it all in, not wanting to miss a thing. It was incredibly addictive with every single page highly entertaining. Casey is that special character that you pray will get the chance to tell his story but when his time finally arrives, you wish that it would just go on forever. Casey is kinda special to me and his story was absolutely perfect.

“I saw the love my best friend, Travis, had for his wife, Quinn. I watched how every touch between the two brought a light to their eyes. They put each other’s happiness before their own. They mattered to each other. I wanted that”

I’m an absolute mess – Kate knows how to rip every emotion out of you. I cried, I swooned, I got hot, my heart raced, my mouth hung open for an absurd amount of time with plot twists hitting me out of nowhere. I literally read this book word. for. word. Hanging onto everything that I could, because it was one hell of a ride.

“The Jamison and Valentine clan might have been my family, and don’t get me wrong, when everything was good with them, it was like stars aligned and shimmery fairy dust fell from the heavens, but when it went to shit, it went there via the seventh circle of hell”

If you’re looking for a suspenseful, action packed, beautiful, incredibly steamy romance filled with the hottest goddamn Aussie alphas on the planet, then this is it. This book has TWO of the h.o.t.t.e.s.t sex scenes I have ever read. And Casey & Grace’s first kiss… Oh my god, hot. Just

“No man had the right to look as good as he did and turn out to be an asshole. The fact that I wanted to run my hands over that smooth golden skin was like the universe playing a cruel joke.”

Kate’s writing style is perfection and flowed effortlessly. Her characters are so vivid and the story line will suck you right in, keeping you on the edge of your seat and have you hooked until the very last page.

This is Casey’s story. It’s deep, it’s emotional, it’s intense and it’s heartbreaking. It’s also incredibly beautiful and heartwarming. Casey and Grace are perfect for each other and by perfect I mean perfectly imperfect. In the beginning, they’re like a bomb ready to explode.

“Screw you Casey,” I hissed as we stopped in front of the magnificent car that I wanted to kick with the heel of my shiny black boot. “Oh wait. That must be your problem, right? You’re all uptight because who wants to fuck a douchebag?”

Grace Paterson is one of my favourite heroines. She’s a firecracker. She’s head strong, gutsy and doesn’t take crap from anyone. She’s also hiding a secret that she’s desperate to keep because it will bring her entire world crashing down, taking everyone she knows with it.

Casey Daniels is what I call the perfect hero. He was that side character in books #1 and #2 that you were just dying to get to know and the one fighting the toughest battle. He’s sexy, overprotective, cocky, stubborn and is oh my god sexy… oh wait, I already said that. 😉
I’m in love with you, Casey Daniels.

Now I just want to take a moment to mention the bromance in this book. Casey and Travis. I freaking love these two. They are so funny together, the perfect best friends. They pay each other out and it’s hilarious, but one would take a bullet for the other and it just warms my heart. * sigh * Love these two.

“You’re a big dude, Travis. You can take him on in a fight, can’t you?” Travis shook his head, “These muscles are for display purposes only.”


This book just blew me away. It’s amazing, it’s sexy, it’s  funny and it’s full of action. Never a dull moment.

“You’re fast becoming my world, Grace, and that world is a place I never want to leave.”

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