BOOK REVIEW — Bad Habit by Charleigh Rose

Book Reviewed by Belle Aurora

I decided to read this book based on three factors.
In many reviews, I read the phrase “enemies-to-lovers”.
I was told it was a forbidden romance, in more than one way.
Oh, sweet jesus… yasss!
And, finally, the winning factor was the male lead was apparently… ***heavy breathing*** … an asshole.
Yas, bitch, yasss!

Now, anyone can assume to write a jerk of a hero, but whether it’s done well or not… that’s a whole other story.
The verdict:

Charleigh Rose can write an asshole, and she writes an asshole well.
This will be a spoiler free review because, as an author myself, I despise when people give away the good stuff.
Let me discover those tidbits on my own!

Charleigh Rose delivers a tantalizing forbidden romance. I was stunned to find that some factors of the story that may have been off-limits to me had I known they were in the book prior to reading it didn’t bother me as much given the way the author spun the tale.

That, folks, is difficult thing to do. Even more so when the reader is also an author.

The characters were written beautifully.
The friendships are golden.
And the sex is dirty.
A winning trifecta in my eyes.

This was my first book by Charleigh Rose but it won’t be my last. I devoured this book in a single night and really enjoyed the journey I was taken on. I finished up with a smile on my face and the warmth of satisfaction in my belly.

Keep your eyes peeled for this authors’ name… I predict it’ll be everywhere before you know it.

4 stars

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    What an amazing review. Can’t wait to read this book. xx

    February 25, 2018 at 2:34 pm
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